Friday, May 13, 2011

Grilling Recipe Swap

Welcome to the first roundup post of the new recipe exchange for the NJ Nest board!  This time around, we shared grilling recipes.

Melbride made grilled pizza a few different ways, on an indoor grill.

Lishie0729 made a flank steak similar to the one she submitted.

LaKi put her own spin on Cheesey Stuffed Tomatoes

 smallbutfeisty tried a new meat on the grill

oct11bride03 made a delicious sandwich with her selection

Melanie2003 doesn't have a blog, and had this to say:

Grilled Chicken Thighs and Roasted Tomatoes
 and apparently, I need to get a blog!! I was going to take photos to post here, but we were hungry and it was a work day (so already a later dinner) - see the pictures on the link of the original!
So here's my take - DH and I liked it! We often grill boneless chicken thighs, so I figured we'd be comfortable with this.DD was fine with the chicken, but requested ketchup - pretty normal for her.
The marinade was simple, and different for us (because it didn't come from a bottle). I was nervous since DH doesn't like lemon flavored anything, but he liked it and suggested we go a little heavier on the lemon and garlic next time (I might have used a package of thighs that were 1.8lbs instead of closer to 1.5). I'd even consider adding some parsley to it to match the tomatoes. I grilled it 4 min per side, which was perfect (heat all the way up - beautiful grill marks).
The tomatoes were a welcome new recipe - I really liked them. It's not something I would have ever made on my own since my gang only eats tomatoes that are pureed in pasta sauce or from a jar of salsa. But they were part of the recipe, so I made them and also made steamed broccoli thinking my crew would need a veggie side. I forgot to get fresh parsley, so I subbed dry. The biggest bonus was that DDand DH both tried the tomatoes. DDwas not a fan; DH took a few more servings (this man won't even eat a slice of tomato on a sandwich and always picks it out of salads!)
I served this with a box of pine nut couscous. A 5 minute dish that you don't need to keep an eye on is always nice.
And as suggested, I opened a bottle of sauvignon blanc that I had in the house. It was a little old and not very good - I'd like to try the one suggested on Laki's blog next time though! 

HarrietNJMommy also doesn't have a blog, but guest blogged for Lishie!  Link here 

MrsKellyT143 made chicken skewers, and looks forward to a side dish she was also given for another day.

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